Living in Laguna de Duero, Valladolid: Complete Ker2000 guide

Living in Laguna de Duero, Valladolid.

Welcome to the ultimate Ker2000 guide on living in Laguna de Duero. This charming municipality is an increasingly popular destination for those looking for a home in a quiet environment with easy access to services. Here, at Ker2000, one of the leading real estate agencies in Laguna de Duero, we have compiled essential information and useful tips to help you discover everything you need to know about this beautiful location. Keep reading to start this journey together!

Laguna de Duero Presentation Video

You can see the city thanks to this video obtained from the YouTube channel of the Laguna de Duero town hall:

Interesting Information About Laguna de Duero

Laguna de Duero is a municipality and city in the province of Valladolid, Castile and León, Spain, standing out as the second most populous town in the province after Valladolid. The municipality has an area of 29.23 km² and is predominantly industrial, with several population centres and important industrial estates like “Las Lobas” and “Los Barreros”. It is located just 8 kilometres from the centre of Valladolid and is surrounded by pine forests, in addition to being bathed by the Douro River. The terrain is mostly flat, and the municipality is located at 704 meters above sea level, forming part of the border of the Tierra de Pinares region.

The town has a rich history, with the Duero canal, built in the 19th century to supply water to Valladolid, now being a natural environment of great beauty and home to many birds. The lagoon that gave the town its name was originally a large saltwater lagoon, of which only a small portion remains today in a remodeled environment.


The local festivities include those of Las Águedas, San Pedro Regalado, the day of La Vieja, and the patron saint festivities, with the day of La Vieja being a deeply rooted tradition and almost exclusive to Laguna de Duero in the entire province.


The climate in Laguna de Duero is continentalized Mediterranean, characterized by more pronounced thermal contrasts due to the absence of maritime influence. Here we leave you the weather in real time so you can get an idea:



Regarding demographics, the municipality has a population of 22,642 inhabitants according to the municipal register of 2022, experiencing notable demographic growth in recent years, with an immigration percentage of around 4%. Below is a table extracted from the INE with the population by years:

History of Laguna de Duero

Laguna de Duero is a historic town in Castile, Spain, known for its rich history dating back to the Vaccean and Roman times. The first documented mention of the town is from 1135, related to a donation of the church of Santa María. The name of the town comes from an ancient saltwater lagoon, whose salt was a vital economic resource until the beginning of the 20th century.

The remains of the Franciscan Monastery in El Abrojo, famous for the celestial visit of St. Francis according to tradition, stand out. Nearby there was a Royal Palace frequented by Kings of Castile such as the Catholic Monarchs and Charles V. Philip II expanded this enclosure, which suffered a devastating fire in 1624 and several floods, leaving only ruins.

The area also hosted the Royal Forest, one of the first forest repopulation in Spain, of which only a stone fence with shields of the Catholic Monarchs remains.

Today, Laguna de Duero has experienced a significant demographic and urban change, with an expansion of municipal services and new infrastructures, marking a new chapter in its history.

Take a stroll from Plaza Mayor thanks to Google Street View technology:

What to See in Laguna de Duero

We leave you a list of the main places of interest that you must visit in Laguna de Duero:

  • Laguna de Duero Lake: A tranquil water mirror, perfect for enjoying relaxing walks and contemplating nature. See location.
  • The Acequia: Beautiful natural surroundings, which run through much of the municipal term of the locality, this offers a picturesque walk along the water. See location.
  • Plaza Mayor: The social and cultural hub of Laguna de Duero, where history, local traditions, and everyday activities intertwine. See location.
  • Hermitage of Our Lady of Villar: This hermitage is a spiritual refuge and an example of the religious heritage of the area. See location.
  • Church of Our Lady of the Assumption: An architectural gem that captivates both for its historical design and its collection of sacred art. See location.

Map and services of Laguna de Duero

Below is a map of Laguna de Duero with its points of interest:

Laguna de Duero offers a wide variety of essential services of interest to its residents:

  • Education: The town has various educational options including public schools such as El Abrojo, La Laguna, Los Valles, Miguel Hernández, Ntra. Sra. del Villar, and the Centro Territorial de Educación de Personas Adultas. It also has secondary schools such as I.E.S. Las Salinas and I.E.S. María Moliner, as well as municipal nursery schools such as Colorines, Pinto Pinto, and Veo Veo.
  • Health: Laguna de Duero has a Health Centre and several pharmacies to attend to the medical needs of the population.
  • Emergency and Security Services: It has a fire station and a Guardia Civil station, ensuring security and rapid response in emergency situations.
  • Transport: It offers efficient transport connections, including interprovincial and intercity buses that connect with Valladolid and Madrid.
  • Municipal and Social Welfare Services: The Town Council of Laguna de Duero and the Social Welfare Area provide administrative and community support services. In addition, there is a Civic Centre and a Pensioners’ Centre for community and recreational activities.
  • Sports and Leisure Facilities: The town has municipal swimming pools and an indoor sports centre, promoting sport and leisure among its inhabitants.

These services contribute to making Laguna de Duero an attractive and convenient place to live, with all the necessary facilities to make it an attractive place to live.

Photo of Laguna de Duero.

Housing in Laguna de Duero

Currently, the real estate market in this area is characterized by offering a wide range of properties at competitive prices, suitable for different budgets and preferences. From modern flats to traditional houses, there are options for all tastes and needs.

In recent years, Laguna de Duero has experienced a steady growth in its real estate market, driven by its proximity to Valladolid and its appeal as a quiet and well-connected area. This makes it an ideal time to consider an investment in property here, whether for living or as a long-term investment.

If you are considering buying or selling a property in Laguna de Duero, at Ker2000 we are here to help you. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from finding the perfect property to completing the purchase. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

At Ker2000 we are here to make your real estate experience a satisfying and hassle-free one. We look forward to working with you!

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