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Remain as the management and professional services company specialized in the real estate sector of reference in Valladolid. Promote the continuous improvement of our procedures, in order to offer highly qualified services that fully satisfy the needs of our clients.


KER 2000 Inmobiliaria is a company capable of adapting its services to the circumstances required by the market at all times. We design our corporate strategies, based on the operational needs of our clients, providing effective and innovative solutions.

Corporate values

We are satisfied with our professional trajectory and especially with our reputation for integrity, ethical conduct and transparency in management. Aware that their business practices may affect our brand image, we require our collaborators to comply with our code of business ethics.

KER 2000 Inmobiliaria, carries out its activity in the field of membership in the Official Association of Real Estate Agents, covering all the formalities of its activity: residential, domestic, industrial and tertiary second-hand market, land management, commercialization of promotions, etc.

There are thousands of properties managed both under the sale and lease arrangements and numerous lands throughout the Spanish geography. KER 2000 Inmobiliaria has a wealth of experience that translates into a deep knowledge of the activity, as well as the development of an efficiency-oriented work methodology.

Total transparency in management, definition of objectives and preparation of a strategic plan for each project, regardless of its size, are the hallmarks of this organization, which has become a benchmark for quality in the real estate sector.


• Enhancement of corporate values, as a strategic tool for consolidation and business growth.
• Ability to adapt to constant market fluctuations
• Promotion of new technologies in commercialization processes
• Establishment of strategic alliances that allow us to operate in other markets
• Innovation, creativity and teamwork
• Enhancement of the knowledge acquired, for the implementation of new strategies

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