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Whether you are looking to buy your first home, invest in a profitable property, or sell a home, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way. With an in-depth knowledge of the Mojados property market and a passion for our work, we ensure a personalised and satisfying experience.

From our real estate agency in Mojados we take care of all your problems, read on to discover our real estate services!

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At Ker2000 we can advise you on any real estate transaction you may require. Take a look at our most popular services:

At Ker2000, we understand that selling a house in Mojados is not just a transaction, but an important step in your life. That’s why we commit to providing you with a personal and tailored service, ensuring that your experience is as satisfying as it is profitable.

Our extensive experience in the Mojados real estate market allows us to offer you a realistic and competitive valuation of your property. We know how to highlight the unique qualities of your home to attract the right buyers. In addition, we use the latest digital marketing tools and a well-established network of contacts to ensure that your property gets maximum visibility.

We understand that the sale of a property can generate uncertainty, which is why we accompany you at every step, resolving your doubts and offering legal and fiscal advice, so that you can make informed and secure decisions.

With Ker2000, you’re not just selling your flat; you gain peace of mind, speed, and results. Trust us to turn the sale of your home in Mojados into a successful and stress-free experience. Contact us without obligation.

If you’re considering moving to a bigger or smaller house, at Ker2000, we are here to make it possible. We understand that to achieve this change, you’ll need to close a chapter by selling your current house. Therefore, we focus on offering a strategy tailored to your needs.

Our team of experts in the Mojados real estate market will provide you with an accurate valuation of your property, ensuring you get the best market price. We take care of the entire process, from promoting your home with innovative marketing strategies to managing viewings, always respecting your privacy and routine.

Furthermore, while we sell your house, we assist you in finding that ideal flat or chalet, considering your preferences, needs, and budget. We commit to making the house move as smooth and satisfying as possible.

Allow us to accompany you at every step of this exciting journey. Contact us today!

If you are looking for buying a property in Mojados, at Ker2000 we offer a wide range of options that suit your needs and budget. We understand that buying a house is one of the most important decisions in life, and that’s why we commit to assisting you in every way necessary transparently.

Our catalogue of properties for sale includes everything from modern flats to impressive chalets with swimming pools, each with its unique charm and ready to become your new home. We advise you at every step of the process, from the initial search to the final signing, ensuring that you find exactly what you are looking for.

Moreover, at Ker2000, we also have a selection of repossessed houses, an interesting option for those looking for an investment opportunity or a home at a more competitive price. These properties offer excellent value for money, making them a very attractive option in the real estate market.

No matter what your preferences or budget are, at Ker2000 we are here to help you find the perfect property in Mojados. Contact us and start your search!

Are you looking for rental flats in Mojados or wish to rent out a property securely? At Ker2000, we understand that finding the right home or the perfect tenant can be a complex process, and we are here to make it easier.

For those seeking a rental, we offer a wide range of properties for rent that cater to different lifestyles and budgets. From cosy studios to spacious chalets, each option has been carefully selected to ensure its quality and comfort. We assist you at every step, from the initial search to the signing of the contract, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free rental experience.

If you are a landlord and wish to rent out your property, we provide a comprehensive management service that guarantees the safety and profitability of your property. We conduct an appropriate market valuation to set a fair price, take care of promoting your property, and carry out a rigorous tenant selection process, including solvency checks. Additionally, we manage all legal and administrative aspects, so you can rent your property with complete peace of mind and confidence.

At Ker2000, our goal is to make renting an easy and secure experience for both tenants and landlords. Contact us today to get started.

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Request a free appraisal of your property in Mojados

We understand that the price of a property is a crucial factor, whether you are considering selling, moving house, or simply need a valuation. Our free property valuation service is designed to provide you with a detailed and reliable assessment, based on up-to-date market analysis and thorough knowledge of the Mojados area.

Our team of appraisers, with their experience and methodology, guarantee that you will obtain the most useful information about your property. We use cutting-edge technology, combined with a deep understanding of real estate market trends, to offer you a valuation that reflects the true potential of your home.

Visit our real estate agency in Valladolid or contact us to schedule your free valuation. We are committed to providing exceptional and personalized service, ensuring that each client receives the attention and advice they deserve.

Thanks to Ker2000, you’ll be more informed and better prepared for any decision related to your property!





75.237 €

80 M²

937 €/M²



155.696 €

209 M²

744 €/M²


In the following table, we present the latest property valuations in the town of Mojados, prepared by the prestigious company Sociedad de Tasación.

Type of propertyLocation


FlatC. San Antón 2ºNo42Yes134 984131.880€1979Good condition
VillaC. Reina Sofía2No32Yes209 876183.000€2000Good condition
TownhouseC. Fuente La Selva2No32No96 1606154.200€2006Good condition
FlatPl. San JuanNo22No84 1456122.280€2000Good condition
TownhouseC. Palomar3No42Yes146 1010147.432€2000Good condition

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