Real estate investment in Valladolid.

Invest in real estate in Valladolid: current market and profitability

The number of home sales in Spain skyrockets. Not even the pandemic, inflation and the war between Ukraine and Russia can with a sector that is consolidating year after year. The Federation of Real Estate Associations foresees a 2022 of stability and continuity in housing sales. For this reason, 43.1% of the 519 real estate agencies surveyed estimate that the number of operations at the end of the year...

Living in Valladolid: View of the Plaza de España in Valladolid

Living in Valladolid: a unique option for all types of families

Valladolid is one of those provinces that make you fall in love just by setting foot in it. Its monuments and tourist attractions, its history, its gastronomy, its leisure activities, the Pisuerga River and its people... Living in Valladolid is synonymous with well-being! Located in the northwest quadrant of Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, and being the capital of the province of...

New construction house price: View of a construction

Will the price of new construction homes in Valladolid go up?

There are many people who have visited our points of sale in recent weeks and have asked us the question ... Will the price of new construction homes in Valladolid go up? We have a lot of information in mind and the decision to buy a new-build home generates uncertainty due to the different news we receive. Market reports from different renowned entities give us different year-on-year growth data for...


Presentation Video Suquia Homes La Cistérniga

Presentation Video Suquia Homes. At the last real estate fair, Suquia presented its new brand image and showed us a video of the evolution of its projects in Cistérniga, where we are currently marketing, El Mirador de Olmedo. Here we show you the video, we hope that your enthusiasm for giving personalized attention will infect...

Promoción Hábitat Valladolid La Vega Albeniz

Habitat La Vega Albeniz works progress at a good pace

The urbanization of the area, very advanced There is not much left for this new neighborhood to be a reality. And the fact is that the urbanization works in the area are already well advanced and will end this summer. In total, this new neighborhood will have around 100,000 square meters, designed so that the more than 400 families of Habitat La Vega can enjoy different spaces and services such as...

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