Guide about living in Peñafiel, Valladolid

Living in Peñafiel, Valladolid.

Whether you’re thinking of settling in Peñafiel, or just want to learn more about this town, at Ker2000, recognized among the real estate agencies in Peñafiel, we offer you a complete guide to understand what it really means to live in Peñafiel. We will accompany you step by step to explore the reasons that make this charming place the ideal home for many. Get excited to discover everything it has to offer!

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Interesting Information about Peñafiel

Peñafiel is a Spanish municipality and town located in the province of Valladolid, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León. This historic town, founded in 1013, is strategically positioned in the center of its region, 56 km east of Valladolid. The municipality includes, in addition to the town of Peñafiel, the localities of Aldeayuso, Mélida, and Padilla de Duero.

Peñafiel is known for its rich history and architectural heritage. It is the center of the Campo de Peñafiel region, which includes the Cuco Valley, Vega del Pajares, Botijas, Duero, and Duratón. Among its heritage, the imposing Castillo de Peñafiel stands out, as well as various churches and convents that reflect the great religiosity of its inhabitants throughout history. The town has been an important center in the history of Spain, marked by significant events and illustrious characters. Historically, its economy has been linked to agriculture, especially cereal cultivation, and to trade, driven by the arrival of the railway in the 19th century.

Festivities and Events

These are the main festivals of Peñafiel:

  • Charangas: Annual gathering of charangas.
  • Holy Week: Religious celebration of great importance in Peñafiel.
  • Riberjoven: Notable enotourism meeting.
  • Medieval Market: Cultural event related to the history of Peñafiel.
  • Carnivals: Popular festival with participation from local groups and associations.
  • VI Centenary of the Birth of Prince of Viana: Historical celebration.
  • Ribera Run Experience: Sporting event in the town of Peñafiel.
  • Festivals of Our Lady and San Roque: Patron saint festivals from August 14 to 18.


The climate of Peñafiel, classified as oceanic according to Köppen, offers a cool and pleasant environment. It is characterized by a balanced distribution of precipitation throughout the year, with drier summers and moderate rainfall in spring and autumn. This contributes to a generally pleasant climate, ideal for enjoying outdoor activities in any season.

Here is the current weather in Peñafiel to give you an idea:



The municipality of Peñafiel has an area of 76.11 km², according to the municipal register of the INE it had a population of 5068 inhabitants in 2022. You can see the trend thanks to this chart:

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Peñafiel is booming, offering varied and attractive options for both buyers and renters. With a 2.6% increase in prices in the last year, it stands out for its accessibility and growth potential. Homes in Peñafiel have an average price of 894 €/m² for apartments and 730 €/m² for houses, covering a wide range that fits different budgets.

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Photo of Peñafiel.

History of Peñafiel

Peñafiel, with roots in prehistoric cultures and Vaccean settlements from 2900 BC, consolidated during the Reconquista with an urban core near its emblematic castle. In the 10th century, it became a stronghold of the County of Monzón and later the county of Castile. Don Juan Manuel, lord, duke, and prince of Villena, chose Peñafiel as his favorite place in the 14th century.

The town, annexed to the crown of Castile in 1367, was granted to Pedro Girón in 1448. Carlos de Viana, son of Juan II of Aragon, was born here in 1421, when his father was Duke of Peñafiel.

Peñafiel, founded in 1013, stood out for its rich history and its significant contribution to art and society. During the Middle Ages, it housed 18 churches and three convents, reflecting the deep religiosity of the time.

Economically, the arrival of the railway in 1895 boosted the development of Peñafiel, turning it into a regional center. The railway station was an important hub of activity, and the Sociedad Anónima Cros established a warehouse here. During the 50s, three flour and biscuit factories operated, providing employment, especially for young women.

Peñafiel also witnessed significant events, such as conflicts in the Second Republic and the rise of the cereal and sugar industry. The Ribera Duero Cooperative Winery, founded in 1927, was a precursor of the D.O. Ribera del Duero, highlighting the importance of viticulture in the region.

The Provincial Wine Museum, opened in 1999 in the Castillo de Peñafiel, and the new PROTOS winery, designed by Richard Rogers and completed in 2008, are examples of the town’s cultural and tourist heritage. Additionally, Peñafiel has hosted significant sporting events, such as a stage of the Vuelta a España in 2010 and a national sports press congress in 2017.

What to See in Peñafiel

Castle of Peñafiel

A National Monument from the 10th century, remodeled in the 14th and 15th centuries, it has housed the Provincial Wine Museum since 1999. It offers tastings and courses, being a strategic point in the history of the Ribera del Duero.

Plaza del Coso

A Cultural Heritage site, this medieval space in Peñafiel is used for bullfighting festivities and the Bajada del Ángel. It has 48 buildings with balconies offering privileged views during events.

Archaeological Zone PINTIA

Located between Padilla de Duero and Pesquera de Duero, this 125-hectare area includes Vaccean, Roman, and Visigoth remains, standing out for its archaeological heritage.

Ribera House Museum

Theatrical performances in a 16th-century house recreate 20th-century life, guiding visitors through local history and customs.

Regional Museum of Sacred Art

Located in the Church of Santa María, it displays regional religious art, including processional crosses and works of historical and artistic value such as the “Ordinances” of Don Juan Manuel.

Museum of Wine and Heritage

Peñafiel has a mural of wine and heritage on C/Derecha al Salvador, enhancing the historic center and promoting tourism.

Center for Agri-Food Promotion of Castilla y León

This center promotes the gastronomic diversity of Castilla y León, contributing to the dissemination and appreciation of local food culture.

Map and Services of Peñafiel


Peñafiel has a health center that offers comprehensive health services such as primary care, emergency, nursing, general medicine, pediatrics, and various specialties.


In Peñafiel, education and training cover various institutions and programs. It includes, the CRA La Villa, the School of Early Childhood Education, the La Inmaculada Nursery School, the La Inmaculada School, and the Conde Lucanor Institute. In addition, they offer programs for the education of adults and the Aula Mentor, an initiative for distance learning.


This municipality offers various cultural facilities, including the Municipal Library, the Cultural Center, the Exhibition Hall, the Municipal Band, and a Music School. These spaces promote the arts and education in the community, offering cultural events and shows in collaboration with the Scenic Circuits.


Peñafiel has numerous sports facilities, including outdoor and heated swimming pools, paddle and tennis courts. These facilities are focused on promoting physical activity and sports among the inhabitants and visitors of the town.


The L03 bus line, efficiently connects the town with Íscar and Valladolid, facilitating both daily commutes and occasional visits. In addition, taxi companies and demand-responsive transport operate in Mojados, ideal for those looking for more flexibility in their transfers.

Get lost in the streets of Peñafiel thanks to Google Street View technology:

Where to Eat and Sleep

Next, we present the top 5 places to eat and stay according to Tripadvisor:

Best Restaurants in Peñafiel

  1. Restaurante Emilio Moro
  2. Restaurante Ambivium
  3. Cepa 21 Restaurante
  4. Asados Don Jose
  5. Melida Wines

Best Hotels in Peñafiel

  1. AZZ Peñafiel Las Claras Hotel & Spa
  2. Hotel AF Pesquera
  3. Lavida Vino Spa Hotel
  4. Posada-Cafetería “La Casona de Valbuena”
  5. Finca Valdobar

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