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Are you looking for a real estate agency in Aldeamayor de San Martín to buy, rent or sell a property?

If you are looking for a  real estate agency in Aldeamayor de San Martín, you are in the right place. At Ker 2000 we have a  team of experts  who will help you with the purchase and sale of your home.

Aldeamayor de San Martín is a municipality in the province of Valladolid, in the community of Castilla y León. The town is nestled in the area known as Raso de Portillo, which covered a large territory in the Middle Ages and which today has become a quiet and picturesque place to live.

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Are you looking for an expert estate agent in Aldeamayor de San Martín?

You are just one step away from achieving your goal. If you are looking to sell or buy a property in Aldeamayor de San Martín, Ker 2000 is your real estate agency. We know what you are looking for and we understand your needs. Our clients endorse us as one of the best real estate agencies in Aldeamayor de San Martín, we offer you the greatest peace of mind and guarantee.

The moment you decide to become independent and have your own home, you will most likely choose to rent. It is the easiest and fastest option in the short term. It is the most recommended when you are young and want to emancipate yourself. Renting is the most accessible option, since you will need less savings to sign the contract.

If you are looking for a flat to rent in Aldeamayor de San Martín, you are in luck, as the town has a wide range of homes of all kinds, so it will be very easy for you to find something that suits your needs. At Ker 2000 we have a large catalog of houses for rent in Aldeamayor de San Martín that you can see on our website. You can make an appointment to visit the property and its surroundings.

The demands of our clients require personalized solutions to find the most optimal result. Whether it is to rent your home or rent premises, at Ker 2000 we will carry out an in-depth study and analysis of your situation to find the perfect solution for you.

Are you looking for a quiet place full of possibilities to start a new life? Aldeamayor de San Martín is a quiet and pleasant town, which transmits confidence and security.

If the time has come to buy your first home, but you are not sure what type of property to aspire to, at Ker 2000 we help you make the best decision with complete confidence and security. Hitting the number of rooms, the neighborhood, choosing between a flat or a single-family home… is not easy.

In our real estate we help you find your ideal home, as we have the best team of professionals to offer you the best real estate advice on our services and guide you in the search for your perfect home.

As real estate experts in the sale and rental of houses in Aldeamayor de San Martín, we will show you the best areas that suit your needs and you will be able to choose from our wide range of properties at the best price.

If you are looking to start a new life, you first have to know how the real estate market is handled. Currently prices are on the rise, causing a growing enthusiasm for the sale of real estate. The second thing you should keep in mind are all the requirements to successfully complete the purchase or rental of the property in question.

At Ker 2000 we have spent years betting on the best quality service for our clients. The professionalism of our advisers will accompany you throughout the process of buying or renting your house in Aldeamayor de San Martín so that you do not have any problems.

Have your children become independent and you want to save expenses by looking for a smaller house? Have you increased your family and need more rooms? Are you a freelance or telecommuter and need to expand space to have your own office? Are you tired of the urban center and dream of a rural house in Aldeamayor de San Martín? There are multiple options for which you need a size change in your usual home. You have come to the right place.

At Ker 2000 we have a wide catalog of homes in Aldeamayor where you will find the property that best fits your new lifestyle. We help you sell a home to be able to opt for another that has the necessary characteristics, and that is that our real estate agency has a wide range of houses for sale in Aldeamayor de San Martín.

If you want to know the value of your current property to know more exactly your possibilities when acquiring your new home, at Ker 2000 we value your home online and completely free of charge.

Our satisfied clients guarantee us, we have a great track record of success in the sale of houses. We have properties with the best qualities and locations within the municipality, of whatever type and adapted to all tastes. Let us meet you and tell us your concerns. Our real estate consultants will present you with the house of your dreams after having obtained the best sale price for your current home.

The divorce rate in Spain has not stopped growing in recent years and it is likely that you need help to start over after suffering a marital separation. If you have a property in common with your ex-partner, selling the house is usually the most beneficial solution for both parties.

At Ker 2000 we help you with the entire process and offer you the best advice so that selling your house does not become an even more traumatic process. When a couple breaks up, there are issues that can complicate the first moments after the separation.

The division of the home is an important issue, since neither spouse may sell or mortgage it without the consent of the other, as both appear as owners.

It does not matter if you were married in a community property regime, in a separate property regime or if one of the parties wants to keep the house. At Ker 2000 we accompany you and inform you of all the procedures to follow depending on your circumstances.

To sell a house in Aldeamayor de San Martín, for this or other reasons, it is convenient to know the real price of the house through an appraisal. At Ker 2000 we value your home without compromise. Get a free appraisal and fully personalized advice to cope with this process.

The objective of the banking entities is to sell their apartments to recover, as soon as possible, the money lost from the mortgages not paid by the previous owners and that gave rise to their seizure. For this reason, sometimes you can find repossessed houses in Aldeamayor de San Martín with a discount of up to 70%. Banks sell their flats at a price below the market on most occasions, and sometimes they can even do so above that price if they consider that it is still a tempting offer. However, they usually have promotions that are well worth taking a look at.

In the Ker 2000 catalog you can get a preliminary idea of the diverse sale of bank houses in Aldeamayor de San Martín. In addition, the process to buy a flat from a financial institution is no different from buying a house from an individual. However, the financing that they offer is infinitely more beneficial for the buyer and that is that the conditions also improve in terms of the payment terms offered by the bank. You may get a repayment term of up to 40 years. Thus, the monthly installments of the payments are lower and the buyer can face them without solvency problems.

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We are specialized in making your home stand out from the others in your environment. Selling a house requires knowing what properties are similar to yours. Whether in meters, characteristics, area, etc. This is necessary to know where your home stands out above the rest. If it is because of the layout of the rooms, because of their orientation or other qualities. We thoroughly analyze your home to get the most out of it.

What have you based on to set a correct price? At Ker 2000 we periodically carry out a study of the value of real estate by area, so if you need to sell a house in Aldeamayor de San Martín, at Ker 2000 we achieve it thanks to our services and our team of real estate experts.

Contact us to arrange a free valuation of your property and one of our agents will advise you on a realistic sale price.

Selling a house in Aldeamayor de San Martín at a good price is easy thanks to the professionalism of Ker 2000. If there is no sale, there is no cost to you.

Price of flats in Aldeamayor de San Martín

The current price per square meter of a house in Aldeamayor de San Martín is 1,004 euros and that of a flat at 938 euros, the average price per m². The average price of real estate is around 175,000 euros.

Would you like to know how much they would pay for your home? Do you want to know the current market price of your property? At Ker 2000 we are experts in home valuation free of charge and without obligation based on our experience and knowledge of the area. Thanks to our way of working, we value your home for free in Aldeamayor de San Martín and manage its appraisal.

The appraisals are important to know that the value set in the appraisal serves to mark the maximum amount that the bank will grant to buy the home that the future buyer wants.

At Ker 2000 we offer you an estimate of the sale price with maximums and minimums, we analyze the evolution of the market and compare similar properties in the area, for sale and sold.

The appraisal report, in addition to setting the objective value of the price of the house in Aldeamayor de San Martín, collects registration and urban information, contains the plan of the farm, the charges that it may have or if it has tenants and all the detailed information that can influence the final price of the operation.

At Ker 2000 we have an updated database of potential buyers and tenants, with complete information on what they are looking for and what they are willing to pay, so our job is to offer the best guidance to both parties to reach a fair agreement.





215.000 €

464 M²

463 €/M²

Single-family houses


200.729 €

258 M²

777 €/M²


Type of propertyLocationHeightLiftRoomsBathroomsGarageM2€/M²AppraisalYearsCondition
TownhouseC/ Cerviguera2No42No1201200144.00020-30Good condition
HouseC/ Cardiel2No66Yes490708346.800To be reformed
HouseC/ el Raso de Portillo2No43Yes328915300.000Good condition
TownhousePlaza Cruz3No33Yes221977216.00010-20Good condition
HouseC/ Cubera2Yes32Yes1861465272.40010-20Good condition

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