Living in Renedo de Esgueva, Valladolid

Guide to living in Renedo de Esgueva, Valladolid.

In this exclusive guide by Ker2000, we invite you to discover what it’s like to live in Renedo de Esgueva, a charming destination for those looking to establish their home in a peaceful and beautiful place. As one of the leading real estate agencies in Renedo de Esgueva, we offer you an intimate look at what it means to live in this gem of the region. From its inhabitants to properties with unique character, Renedo de Esgueva promises to be the perfect setting to settle down. Join us on this journey to explore its wonders and discover why so many have chosen to call this place home.

Video Presentation of Renedo de Esgueva

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Interesting Information about Renedo de Esgueva

Renedo de Esgueva is a Spanish municipality in the province of Valladolid, Castile and León. It is characterized by its location on the banks of the Esgueva River and its cultural heritage. Here are some interesting facts:

Festivals and Events

Renedo de Esgueva celebrates numerous festivities throughout the year, focusing on the unique festivals and events, we have:

  1. Theater Month (February): A month dedicated to amateur theater, with exchanges of theater groups and artistic performances.
  2. Horseback Pilgrimage (June): Celebration with horseback rides, procession, flamenco vermouth, paella, and flamenco performances, organized by the Friends of the Horse Association “El Guindo”.
  3. Patron Saint Festivities “El Guindo” (July): A festivity that includes the cutting of a guindo branch and processions with regional dances, in honor of the Virgin Mary and her visit to Saint Elizabeth.
  4. Cultural Week: With cultural and sports activities, highlighting the International Dance Meeting and historical recreations.
  5. Royal Encounter: Historical recreation of the last meeting between Ferdinand the Catholic and Philip the Handsome at the Church of San Cipriano.
  6. Funeral procession of Philip the Handsome: Nighttime representation of the funeral procession of Philip the Handsome accompanied by Joanna I of Castile.
  7. Sewing Workshop: Volunteer group that makes period costumes for historical reenactments.
  8. Biker Gathering “Los Ranedos”: Annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts, organized by the Bodega Paco Motorcycle Club.


Renedo de Esgueva enjoys a charming climate, with warm summers and mild winters, creating an ideal environment for living and enjoying outdoor activities throughout the year.

Here’s the current weather in Renedo de Esgueva to give you an idea:



The demographics of Renedo de Esgueva have shown steady growth over the years. By 2022, the population of Renedo de Esgueva was estimated at 3,875 inhabitants, reflecting significant demographic development in just over two decades.

You can see its growth through this chart from the INE:

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Renedo de Esgueva presents an interesting opportunity for those looking for housing in a quiet area with affordable prices. With an average sale price in December 2023 of €1,096/m² and rent of €3.41/m², this locality stands out for offering more economical options compared to the provincial average. This area is ideal for those seeking a quieter environment without straying too far from urban amenities. If you are interested in exploring the available properties, you can use our search engine with the houses for sale in the province of Valladolid. Moreover, for a personalized experience and expert advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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History of Renedo de Esgueva

The history of Renedo de Esgueva, known as the “place of the frogs”, spans from the Iron Age, standing out for its fertile location next to the Esgueva River. Throughout the centuries, it has been an important point during the Roman, Visigothic, and Reconquista periods. Traditionally, the town’s economy focused on viticulture and flour milling. In more recent times, the Power family significantly influenced its industrial development. Today, Renedo is known for the Valle de los 6 Sentidos and the Senda Verde, reflecting its rich cultural heritage and close relationship with nature.

Photo of the Renedo de Esgueva field.

What to See in Renedo de Esgueva

In Renedo de Esgueva, there are several notable places that offer a unique experience for visitors and residents:

The Castle (the wineries)

Located on a hill that was once near the town’s first church, these centuries-old wineries are a meeting point during the patron saint festival and are used privately the rest of the year.

The Esgueva River

This river, which crosses Renedo as the last town of the Esgueva Valley, is known for the quality of its crayfish and its historical significance, despite the floods it has caused in the past.

The Green Trail

An ecological route for cyclists and walkers that follows the course of the Esgueva River, offering an experience close to the river ecosystem.

Church “Immaculate Conception”

An 18th-century Baroque-style building, funded by Bishop Fray José García Fernández. It’s a representative temple of Castilian Baroque, although it suffered damage in a fire in 1981.

El Pico de Uris

A legendary viewpoint at 849 meters height, offering panoramic views over Valladolid and the Esgueva Valley, with a relevant historical past.

The Valley of the 6 Senses

A large children’s playground with various games, located in an area of environmental richness

. It’s an ideal destination for school and family tourism.

Map and Services of Renedo de Esgueva

Below is a map of Renedo de Esgueva with its main points of interest:


Renedo de Esgueva caters to the health needs of its inhabitants through its public health center. Thus, it ensures essential primary care without the need to travel. Additionally, a pharmacy is open to the public on Santa Isabel street.


Renedo de Esgueva offers diverse and quality education through its centers. The “La Ranita” nursery school focuses on early education, the CEIP María Montessori applies innovative pedagogical methods for the integral development of children, and the “Pico de Uris” music school fosters musical and creative skills in young people.


The diverse culture in Renedo de Esgueva is reflected in its centers and cultural activities. The civic center offers numerous cultural activities and serves as the headquarters for the “Pico de Uris” music school. The municipal library provides access to a wide range of books and resources. The municipal theater is a key center for the performing arts, participating in various circuits and cultural events. Additionally, we find the municipal dance group “El Guindo” and the municipal theater group “Escenas”.

Photo of Renedo de Esgueva.


The sports facilities in Renedo de Esgueva stand out for their variety and modernity, offering options for all tastes. They include an artificial turf soccer field, a gym with areas for aerobics and muscle building, a recently renovated municipal swimming pool, outdoor paddle and tennis courts, and a municipal sports center that also hosts cultural events. Additionally, there is an outdoor calisthenics area, demonstrating a commitment to the health and well-being of its inhabitants.


Public transport in Renedo de Esgueva is efficiently managed through a bus route that connects the town with Valladolid and other nearby towns. The bus schedules are carefully planned to cover the daily needs of residents, including services on weekdays and Saturdays. This transport network facilitates access to essential services and larger urban areas, significantly contributing to connectivity.

Where to Eat and Sleep

Regarding where to sleep, the Hostal Puerta del Valle stands out as the only accommodation option in the locality. Strategically located in the center, this hostel offers a cozy and unique experience for visitors.

Best Restaurants in Renedo de Esgueva

Below we present the best places to eat in Renedo de Esgueva according to Google Reviews:

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