Living in Valladolid: a unique option for all types of families

Living in Valladolid: View of the Plaza de España in Valladolid

Valladolid is one of those provinces that make you fall in love just by setting foot in it. Its monuments and tourist attractions, its history, its gastronomy, its leisure activities, the Pisuerga River and its people… Living in Valladolid is synonymous with well-being!

Located in the northwest quadrant of Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, and being the capital of the province of the same name, Valladolid is one of those cities where one wants to stay.

Its history takes us back to the Middle Ages, when a stable population began to grow, although the city itself has traces of older times.

But we do not want to advance you anything; If you want to know everything about Valladolid, keep reading this article because at Ker 2000 we will tell you about it… in detail!

General Information about Valladolid

With an area of ​​almost 200 km2, and a population of 299,265 inhabitants in 2020, the city of Valladolid is located in the Campiña del Pisuerga region, in the province of Valladolid, right in the center of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, which which makes the province border with the rest of the provinces of the Community (except for the province of Soria) and only 200 kilometers from Madrid by road.

The people of Valladolid, as the inhabitants of the city are known, are calm people who know well how to enjoy leisure, having been able to bring activities to the city that have nothing to envy with those you would find in a big city.

But if there is something special about the city of Valladolid, it is its history and its monumental heritage, which make the city an almost magical city that will transport you to past times.

Places you should visit if you go Tourism to Valladolid

Valladolid includes within its limits an infinity of points of tourist interest that any visitor should get to know. And it is that as we have said, to do tourism in Valladolid is to discover unique places full of history and exquisite corners that will not leave you indifferent. Since Ker 2000 we have wanted to make a small list of the most important tourist spots, but there are a thousand and one places to discover.

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The Plaza Mayor of Valladolid

The Plaza Mayor of Valladolid is the nerve center of the city and is the place that houses the town hall building, the Teatro de Zorrilla, and in its center the statue of Count Ansúrez that serves to commemorate who was in the 11th century Count in Liébana, Carrión and Saldaña and Lord of Valladolid.

View of the town hall located in the Plaza Mayor. Credit: Pixabay

The 13th century St. Paul’s Church

The monumental Church of San Pablo from the 13th century belonged to the former Dominican convent and is one of the most impressive Gothic-style buildings in the world. Without a doubt, its main façade will make you remain enthralled admiring its infinite details.

Facade of the church of San Pablo. Credit: Rebeca Arranz

The Museum of Valladolid

In this case we are not going to give a few simple brushstrokes talking about the benefits of the Valladolid museum, but we have decided to make a point and continue in this article to stop in time, and thus get carried away with the stories that Jonathan Gil Muñoz he has accustomed us and that he tends to publish in podcast format and in which today the protagonist is the Museum of Valladolid, which is housed in the Fabio Nelli Palace.

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The Palace of the Holy Cross

The Palacio de la Santa Cruz is the first Renaissance building in Spain, and with its plateresque portal, with a rustication influenced by the Italian schools, it is a real jewel for the residents of Valladolid.

View of the main façade of the Palacio de la Santa Cruz in Valladolid. Credit: franin03

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption of Valladolid is located in the heart of the city. Designed by Juan de Herrera, it is a Herrerian-style building with baroque additions. Its design, which seems unfinished, makes this Catholic temple a fundamental point of pilgrimage for everyone.

View of the Cathedral of the Assumption of Valladolid. Credit:

The University of Valladolid

This prestigious university is one of the educational centers with the highest demand for non-resident students in our country, due to its facilities and study plans, and is also the third oldest in Spain, founded in the 13th century.

Facade of the University of Valladolid Credit: travellers_as

Green areas and Parks of Valladolid

One of the greatest attractions that the city of Valladolid has, are its green areas and parks to rest and enjoy with the family. The most important and recognized is the Campo Grande park, located in the center of the city.

Other parks that arouse the interest of both visitors and locals are:

The Pisuerga River and its charming boat trips

The Pisuerga river bathes the city throughout its long route. This navigable river offers for anyone who wants, organized boat trips through which to learn from another perspective the delights of Valladolid, its history and its oldest legends.

Photo of the Pisuerga river as it passes through Valladolid.

Leisure with children in Valladolid

If getting to know Valladolid with children comes into your plans, the province is home to a multitude of places that you cannot miss; like the castle of Trigueros del Valle, which legend says is enchanted and inhabited by all kinds of fantasy creatures. Here you can visit the ghost tower or the dragon’s lair.

Another very interesting place of leisure for the whole family is the science museum where you will find permanent exhibitions in different rooms where you can discover the mysteries of science.

The Campo Grande Park is the most central and also the largest in the city of Valladolid. But why is it so interesting for children? Because it’s crawling with peacocks! Take a look at the following video and see for yourself.

Another park designed for children of all ages is the valley of the 6 senses. A park with more than 60 different games where you can put your skills to the test.

Finally, if you visit Valladolid with children, you cannot miss the boat trips on the Pisuerga river. A walk to discover the city from a different point of view and probably the favorite activity of children.

Best neighborhoods to live in Valladolid

If you are thinking of locating your residence in Valladolid, or if you are already a neighbor of ours, we have to tell you that the ideal thing is that you look for real estate in Valladolid that will advise you to choose the location that best suits your needs.

Since Ker 2000, we live by and to help you, and we put at your disposal the best team of experts, who will accompany you throughout the entire process of buying your new home.

But if you don’t know where to start, keep reading because we are going to reveal to you what are perhaps the best neighborhoods in Valladolid where you can find your new property.

Historic Center / Center

Living in the historic center of any city is always luxury, but doing so in Valladolid will leave you speechless. Can you imagine going out and finding beautiful and historic streets full of architectural monuments and churches from all stages of history? And have access to all the comforts that a city like Valladolid offers? In the historic center you will find everything you need and much more! Check it out now by moving through its streets thanks to Google Street View technology.


The Parquesol neighborhood is one of the areas with the highest population density in the city of Valladolid and also one of those preferred by families. The area stands out for its access to all services or new construction promotions that you can find as you walk through this wonderful area of ​​Valladolid.

Villa del Prado

Despite being one of the favorite areas to live in Valladolid, it is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods, because it is located just behind the headquarters of Las Cortes de Castilla y León, which makes it one of the most exclusive to Valladolid.

Arroyo de la Encomienda – La Vega

This residential area of ​​Valladolid stands out for its good location and for its unbeatable connections and transport. In this neighborhood, residents have access to all the comforts of the city and have everything they need to live in Valladolid in a calm and happy way.

Covaresa – Alameda Park

It is one of the favorite neighborhoods for younger families looking for a harmonious place to live quietly. The housing estates, residential buildings and leisure areas for the oldest and smallest of the family stand out.

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The rise of the Pucelana economy in the real estate sector

Graphics on the economy of the real estate sector in Valladolid.

The price of housing in Valladolid has not been free of ups and downs following the real estate market in our country. However, we have been able to see how the price has been falling over the years, until there was a turning point in the second quarter of 2018, when the price of housing fell suddenly. (See the following graphic)

This undoubtedly caused a boom in new construction developments in Valladolid, as well as an exponential growth in the search for second homes in our province and a substantial movement in the real estate market within Castilla y León.

The Gastronomy of Valladolid: A pleasure to ask of the mouth
Gastronomy of Valladolid: Good meat and good wine.

Living in Valladolid is also experiencing its gastronomy, and the fact is that Spain not only has one of the richest gastronomies in the world, but in its different regions you can discover an infinity of dishes to enjoy.

How could it be otherwise, Valladolid also stands out for its rich dishes typical of the region, which do not leave almost anyone indifferent, that is why we want to share with you the five most typical dishes of Valladolid gastronomy.

  1. Chorizo ​​Omelette: If the potato omelette itself is an exquisite dish, imagine if you also accompany it with chorizo. Do you want to know how it is prepared? In this link you have the video of how to make the famous chorizo ​​omelette suitable for exquisite palates.
  2. Roast suckling lamb: It is one of the quintessential dishes of Valladolid gastronomy and is made with suckling lamb, that is, that which has only been fed with breast milk.
  3. Empiñonados: A Christmas in Valladolid is not complete without the typical empiñonados of Valladolid. This sweet is made with eggs, sugar, lard, flour, cinnamon, lemon, spirits, ground almonds and pine nuts.
  4. Garlic soup: Traditionally served and prepared to combat the cold of Valladolid in the winter months, nothing better than a Castilian soup or garlic soup. To make it you only need chicken broth, sliced ​​garlic, bits of ham, eggs, paprika, and of course the traditional Valladolid bread.
  5. Importance Potatoes: Do you want to know what they are and how they are made? No one better than Karlos Arguiñano to tell you about it in the first person. Click here.

Transportation Means and Services in Valladolid

Valladolid is one of those cities that is a pleasure to walk through, and thanks to its accessible size and proximity, you can walk practically anywhere.

However, the city offers several transport options, highlighting the bus transport lines offered by the Auvasa company, which have 42 bus routes that run the width and length of the entire city. In addition, the city has a network of taxis like the one you can find in any other city in Spain, as well as a system called ‘Vallabici’ which allows you to rent bicycles so that you can get to move anywhere in the city.

Another transport service highly valued by those who come to this, our land, is the tourist bus, which is ideal to discover each and every one of the monuments that are distributed throughout the city.

Living in Valladolid: transportation Credit: auvasavll

How much does it cost to live in Valladolid?

Valladolid is a quiet city that lacks nothing. With access to all the comforts, this city offers all kinds of homes for all needs.

The cost of living in Valladolid is similar to that of other cities in Spain, with home rentals ranging from € 450 onwards.

In Valladolid, we can go by public transport from € 1.50 each way (although the size of the city allows us and almost everywhere on foot) and you have the option of getting a full monthly pass for € 36; although if we prefer to go by car, we can supply it with gasoline at € 1.35 per liter on average.

Going out to eat will cost us an average of € 30 per couple, and if you are one of those who like to enjoy delicious daily menus, you will find them for only approximately € 10.

In short, in Valladolid you will find affordable prices to have a comfortable and happy lifestyle without the need to spend a fortune and with access to everything you need.

So how much money do you need to live in Valladolid? With € 1,000 you can live in peace and with an average salary that the city offers of 1,200-1,300 euros, you will live with the greatest tranquility in the world!

Conclusion: Is it worth living in Valladolid?

Boy wondering if it is worth living in Valladolid

Of course yes! Either because you are a student and you want to move to a city that has everything to offer in one of the best Spanish universities, or you are a growing family…

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Come visit us, tour the city and soak up our culture, history, and our people. You will see that with very little time you spend with us you will be convinced.

And if you have already made the decision to come to live in our beloved city, do not stop visiting us at our offices! We will help you find the best home that suits your needs and budget.

Do you really have to keep thinking about it? Come live in Valladolid!

Before saying goodbye, we thought it appropriate to share with you this impressive video of Valladolid that we have found on the Novaer8 YouTube channel so that you can take a look at it because surely Valladolid will end up falling in love with you.

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