Invest in real estate in Valladolid: current market and profitability

Real estate investment in Valladolid.

The number of home sales in Spain skyrockets. Not even the pandemic, inflation and the war between Ukraine and Russia can with a sector that is consolidating year after year. The Federation of Real Estate Associations foresees a 2022 of stability and continuity in housing sales. For this reason, 43.1% of the 519 real estate agencies surveyed estimate that the number of operations at the end of the year will be higher than in 2021. Should we invest in real estate in Valladolid? What is the price of housing in the city?

Real estate market news in Valladolid

A large part of this increase in home sales is due to the increase in investors who see housing and the real estate sector as a refuge value. Therefore, the sale of homes in Valladolid is also growing and is emerging as an important area to buy, live and rent real estate. Know the investment possibilities that this city has.

Profitability in real estate investment in Valladolid

With this increase, the return on real estate investment in Valladolid is increasingly higher. This is reported by some real estate portals such as Fotocasa, which announced that the profitability of housing in 2021 stood at 6.1% in Castilla y León, four points below the Spanish average. And according to, buying a house in Valladolid at the end of last year was -1.23% cheaper than in December 2020. Thus, the city is, together with Palencia, the only one of the nine Castilian-Leonese where the price of housing fell in the last twelve months, however, the price of leases remained almost unchanged, ending the year with a slight fall of -0.34%.

The same portal ensures that buying a home to rent in Valladolid is a good decision. With an average sale price of 1,633 euros per square meter in December; and an investment of 7.82 euros per square meter for rent, the gross profitability of the lease in the city was, in 2021, 5.75%.

Residential building facade in Valladolid.

Evolution of housing prices in Valladolid

What is the evolution of the real estate market in Valladolid? To analyze it better we must know what the prices of your properties are. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, between January and December 2021, a total of 6,102 purchase and sale operations were carried out in the province, which represents 44.35% more than the previous year and 32.07% more than in 2019.

In more recent data, and according to idealista, the price of used housing in Castile and Leon falls 1% during the first quarter of 2022 and the m2 stands at 1,144 euros.

While the “cheapest” province to buy a home is Ávila, with a price of 843 euros/m2, and the province that the portal indicates as “most exclusive” is Valladolid, with a price per square meter of 1,314 euros.

Three capitals have experienced price increases: Soria (4.6%) in the lead, Segovia (2.7%) and Valladolid (0.9%).

To see this evolution of the price of housing in Valladolid in the first months of 2022, we can visit the sale of homes in Valladolid.

Regarding the price of new or well-used housing, the Economist reflects that housing has chained seven consecutive years with price increases that should end in 2023. However, this will not happen with new housing, since in this case prices could continue to rise for the lack of stock and the increase in construction costs. It is not surprising, then, that the price of new-build housing in Valladolid continues to grow.

What type of flats should we look for to invest in real estate in Valladolid?

Investors in real estate are always looking for homes that are more central, larger and that offer good communications and services.

For this reason, the center of Valladolid continues to be the refuge of local and national investors, individuals and companies. Over the years, these areas, with the consolidation of the central Villa del Prado neighborhood, continue to be the ones with the highest prices. They are homes that can be sold at higher prices because they are larger and with great detail. While, if it is invested to rent, prices are also on the rise.

If you plan to live in Valladolid, you should know that Acera de Recoletos street, in the center, is the street with the highest prices for both buying and renting a home. Below we give you a clear example of a property located in this exclusive area so that you can get an idea of ​​the prices that are handled.

Spectacular home in Acera Recoletos

Rental housing in Acera de Recoletos.
Apartment for rent next to AVE Station
Surface: 90 m2
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Garage: 1
Price: 1,200 €/month

Outlook for the housing market in Valladolid in 2022

The agents of the sector predict a positive end of the year 2022 in the sale of homes in Spain. And Valladolid is no exception.

However, in the forecast of the real estate markets of Valladolid, the real estate agents anticipate an increase in the price of housing in the next promotions that are built, due to the lack of these and the increase in raw materials. Experts predict that in the province, property prices are gradually approaching the highs that were recorded a little over a decade ago.

Real estate experts conclude that last year Valladolid closed with new construction licenses granted for a total of 1,546 homes, 42% more than in 2020.

To further analyze what the housing market will be like, in general, in Spain, we can watch this video by Amigo Inversor.

Mistakes to avoid when investing in a property in Valladolid

Even with experience in the sector, there are still those who make mistakes when investing in a property. One of these has to do with buying the cheapest on the market, thinking that later we will get the maximum profitability.

Another is not investing in reforming or fixing the house when we are going to rent it, because there are flaws that are obvious and deserve to be checked.

All this can be solved if we let ourselves be advised by a solvent and experienced real estate agent who looks after his clients and studies the market for a better real estate investment.

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