Living in Boecillo, Valladolid: Complete Guide

Living in Boecillo, Valladolid.

Welcome to the guide of Ker 2000, one of the real estate agencies in Boecillo. If you are wondering what living in Boecillo is like, we can tell you that it is an enriching experience, marked by a quiet, friendly atmosphere surrounded by nature. Boecillo is known for its excellent quality of life, with a perfect blend of urban amenities and charming rural landscapes. At Ker 2000, our commitment is to help you discover and acquire your ideal home in this wonderful place, guiding you every step of the way with professionalism and passion for what we do.

Useful information about Boecillo

If you are thinking of moving to Boecillo for family, personal, work or simply looking for a new, quieter life, at Ker2000 we help you find housing at the best price. The vast majority of the inhabitants of this town emphasize that what they value most about Boecillo, compared to other urban environments, is living in a natural, quiet environment, with great services and proximity to a large city.

Boecillo is a municipality in Spain, in the province of Valladolid, autonomous community of Castilla y León. It has an area of 24.09 km² with a population of 4,104 inhabitants and a density of 153.01 inhabit./km². It is located next to the N-601 national road, it houses the Boecillo Technology Park and the events area of the Casino de Castilla y León.

Boecillo has always been characterized as a welcoming and hospitable town. Since time immemorial, when people from neighbouring towns came to earn their wages working in their vineyards, agricultural or livestock farms, up to the present day, when the Technological Park changed the productive system in the municipality. Many of these people located their residence in Boecillo, seduced by the open, integrated and talkative character of its inhabitants.

For all this and much more, it is a space that deserves not only to be visited, but also to be experienced by all those who want to enjoy our vast natural, cultural and traditional charms.

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History of Boecillo

The first archaeological or historical data appears in 1156, after the donation of the “Monte de Boecillo—Puente Duero” to the city of Valladolid by Alfonso VII. Another mention is the construction of a bridge over the Duero River between Boecillo and Laguna by the Catholic Monarchs.

The most remarkable part of Boecillo’s history comes from the years in which Felipe II reigned in Spain. In 1590, this monarch created the Royal College of Scots to fight against the religious power of Henry VIII in England. Of the endowment that he established in Boecillo, the large mansion still remains.

Another notable fact in history takes us to the year 1840, the year in which D. Germán Gamazo y Calvo, a politician who was Minister of Public Works, Overseas and Finance, was born in Boecillo. Currently the palace of the Counts of Gamazo (19th century building) is the Casino of Castilla y León.

There are more references to the 19th century, when it appears in the “Geographical-statistical-historical dictionary of Spain and its overseas possessions” by Pascual Madoz. It details its situation in 1850, the number of inhabitants, infrastructure, climate, relief, flora and the productive system.

In its municipal term is the oldest cattle ranch of fighting bulls, the Raso de Portillo.

Take a walk through the streets of Boecillo thanks to Google Street View technology.

Most emblematic places in Boecillo

In Boecillo, in addition to the Palace of the Counts of Gamazo we find different places of tourist interest for the visitor.

This palace was the place of residence of the most representative character of Boecillo, Germán Gamazo (1830-1901), who was part of governments on four occasions led by Práxedes Mateo Sagasta at the time of the Restoration (Minister of Development, Overseas and Finance), It is another of the outstanding heritage buildings of Boecillo. It has housed the headquarters of the Casino de Castilla y León for many years and is currently a magnificent celebration point for large society events.

The Church of San Cristóbal is the patrimonial emblem of Boecillo, neoclassical style. The temple was built at the end of the 19th century as a result of the great fire that the previous church of the municipality suffered. It has a single nave between semicircular arches and a dome over the transept, with altarpieces from the 16th and 17th centuries. It houses the image of the patron saint of the municipality, San Cristóbal, much loved among its neighbors and parishioners.

Boecillo’s history is closely linked to the British. Hence the construction of the College of Scots. King Philip II, in his eagerness to banish from England the Protestantism that Henry VIII had imposed, facilitated the training of Catholic priests. He founded several schools in Spain. One of them was the Royal College of Scots, based in Valladolid, but with an endowment in Boecillo consisting of rustic farms, mainly, and a magnificent and sumptuous mansion that is still preserved today.

The Boecillo Technology Park is of great importance. It has high-quality spaces and facilities where the flow of knowledge and technology between universities and research institutions, companies and markets is stimulated and managed.

Map of location and services in Boecillo

Have a look at the geographical information of Boecillo with all its services:


Since 1927, Empresa Cabrero S.A. provides passenger transport services by coach. Mariano Cabrero Blanco was the founder of the company doing the line service from Iscar to Valladolid, passing through Boecillo. With the passage of time and not a few adversities, the transport was extended to other towns in the province.

Boecillo currently has a taxi and bus service. Four ECSA bus lines with different routes connect the municipality with Valladolid and other nearby municipalities. The L03 and L06 are the most used, due to the usual work trips among its residents. There are also another series of reasons that make these lines highly used routes in which the usual routes are covered in less than an hour, also during the summer months for leisure reasons.

However, being a medium-sized town, it is easy to walk to any area while enjoying a pleasant walk among its parks and quiet streets.

Leisure and education:

Do you have children or is it part of your plans to increase the family? Boecillo has good educational centres for the youngest. In the municipality of Valladolid they understand education at an integral level, involving the cognitive and the emotional. They also believe in the importance of the example and in the functional methodology. We can all learn, we just need to be taught in the most appropriate way for our needs. These are the centres according to the different stages:

  • The nursery school “Los enanitos”, publicly owned and dependent on the Junta de Castilla y León. It welcomes students of Early Childhood Education First Cycle (0-3 years). It offers a multidisciplinary Educational Project that respects the rhythms of development of children. It has specialized classrooms by age level, divided into spaces for play, rest, grooming and experimentation, among others.
  • The San Cristóbal College, publicly owned and dependent on the Junta de Castilla y León . It welcomes students from Early Childhood Education and Primary Education.
  • The CEO Boecillo, publicly owned and dependent on the Junta de Castilla y León, is the first compulsory education centre in operation in the province of Valladolid.

It welcomes students from Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Baccalaureate from 3 to 18 years old.

Other information of interest:

Boecillo has a magnificent area of traditional wineries on the outskirts, located to the right of the national highway, once the Duero River has been crossed, near what was once a large gravel pit.

Today, most of them are still open to the public as catering businesses. Its long galleries serve in most cases either as dining rooms or to preserve and improve the good wine of the area. The good taste for Castilian cuisine is evident in the exquisite dishes that the different establishments offer. You will be able to enjoy the appreciated local restaurants, where you can taste the typical bread of the municipality and enjoy of good food in an incomparable enclave.

Boecillo is a small municipality that has taken advantage of its proximity to the capital and its natural environment to sell its message of tranquillity and rest that describes the rural environment. In this way, it has numerous urbanizations where you can find the home you have always wanted.


If you need to find a house in Boecillo, or sell yours at a good price, come visit our real estate agency. Your peace of mind is ours. Our real estate experts will be happy to help you without obligation.

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